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Before signing up for the list, please read the information below carefully, as failure to do so may make your registration useless or make you lose your place.

What you are about to do IS NOT A RESERVATION.  We do not accept or respect any request for a specific time of entry.  You are signing up for a waiting list that is in operation and that requires you to be present at the time your turn arrives or you will lose it.  The waiting list only works if the place is packed.  If you sign up for an empty list you will have to show up at the door in 10 minutes.

 The idea is that you wait less and that you can sign up with reasonable anticipation while you make the transfer to our premises to make your visit more agile and comfortable. If you are not present when your turn arrives, we will move on to the next person and will have to remove you from the list for better control and for the people who come to have a realistic portrait of the time to wait.

 We suggest you check the number of people waiting HERE and based on that and your plan, choose the right time to sign up.


When you sign up you will receive an SMS with the confirmation and the links to review the list and modify or cancel.  If you decide not to arrive, we ask you to cancel.  If you do not cancel and do not arrive, your number will be registered and you will not be able to sign up for the remote list again.

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